The submissives worth

Simply, the worth of a submissive I believe, is established through the needs of a Dominant and the submissive’s ability to fulfill those needs. Some aspects of a submissive’s worth can even be establish almost immediately based upon the needs of the Dominant and others, over a period of time.

How one measures the worth of a submissive, naturally, changes. No two Dominant’s needs or requirements are the same and likewise, no two submissive’s ability to fulfill those needs are the same either.

So, how does one establish Worth?

The question of a submissive’s worth is one that I am asked often, by submissives; “What is my worth?”. This primarily comes in the aftermath of the separation from their Dominant.

The answer is simple; no submissive is worthless and all have value.

It’s imperative to understand that what may not be of value to one Dominant, may be of tremendous value to another. A submissive should never let it weigh too heavily, unless she is committed to a Dominant.

Are there ‘basics’ to establishing value? A universal outline to a submissive’s worth? No. To say yes would be a farce. Again, what matters to one Dominant, may not matter to another. Knowing this, how could there possibly be a universal or basic outline to measure worth?

What I can do is this; I can explain how I measure a submissive’s worth as I feel many will probably relate to some degree.

How I establish a submissive’s worth in the very beginning is in their confidence, well, in their ability to appear confident anyway. I am aware that for whatever reason, I intimidate many submissives or women in general for that matter. Thus for me, it isn’t common occurrence for a submissive of interest to approach me, but when they do, I always take note and here’s why.

I maintain the philosophy that, if a submissive isn’t confident enough to approach me, she will never be confident enough to serve me. I hold this philosophy due to my long-term interests and needs. How does that relate to worth, especially at an initial point of contact? Easily.

Regardless of the possibility of outcome and despite the likelihood of being intimidated, she, on her own, made the conscious choice to approach. For me, this displays her ability to set herself aside and do what is required; her ability to submit.

This is very important and relevant to my long-term interests and needs as I thoroughly enjoy pushing a submissive’s boundaries and limits; I revel in the taboo and I want them there. So, it is detrimental for her to maintain the ability to set herself aside and to display this ability at the initial point of contact with no established connection, tells me, that there’s a high probability that she will only be able to continue, even get better in that ability once a connection is established.

Obviously given my interests, this submissive would have more worth to me than one who sits quietly, waiting for what will never be.

Now, how does one determine long-term worth or value? I would say, it is in the submissive’s commitment to fulfilling their Dominant’s needs.

I say this often, the essence of submission is in a submissive’s ability to set herself aside and do for her Dominant, because of her Dominant. I also often ask; if a submissive always and only submits when she wants, feels or when it is convenient for her, is it really submission?

Yes, I am aware that submission is a choice and always consensual, but allow me to finish with the paragraph to follow.

A submissive will often meet a Dominant and know He will ask things of her that she may not want to do. It is then that she must ask herself if she is capable or incapable of completing and fulfilling those needs for Him. It is that answer that should determine her worth to Him and whether they should proceed.

Will a submissive ever feel worthy or valuable? To be honest, I don’t know.

I personally put a lot of weight into a submissive’s worth and value, to me. So much so, that I spent well over three years ‘single’, not fully willing to commit myself and my Dominance to any one submissive. I have only met few that are capable and/or willing to fulfil all of my needs and desires. To meet one that can, they obviously add tremendous value to my life and their worth is extremely high.

For instance, the submissive in which I own is well aware of these facts. She’s well aware that for the past year, even despite some of my frustrations in some areas of her development, I have committed my Dominance entirely to her. She understands well her role within my life and has never, not once, refused any request I have placed upon her. She is aware of how far she goes for me and also, how much joy & pleasure it brings me; she brings me.

However, despite all of this awareness, she’s still almost completely unaware of her worth and when I express just how much value she has in my life, she is taken aback, even a year later.

Maybe she’s extremely humble or perhaps, this is due to submissive mentality and perhaps, it’s not such a bad thing as it ensures a submissive’s continued commitment to strive for greatness.

Again, will a submissive ever feel worthy? Truly, no idea.

So ultimately, what is a submissive’s worth? As a whole, every submissive has worth and it’s about finding the one they are valuable to.

I believe, it’s not if a submissive is worthy or valuable but rather, whom she is worthy to.

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