The value of submission

Most would find it easy to believe that a submissive is a weak individual. I happen to know that they are not. Vulnerable, yes. Sensitive, likely. Weak? Not even close.
It takes a strong, determined and focused individual to knowingly make the decision to surrender themselves to another’s will.
What is more courageous than someone taking enough time and self-reflection to acknowledge their true desires without fear or doubt. Embracing who they are, their true self.
I can think of few things more courageous.
There comes great admiration with knowing a woman has consciously made the choice to place her entire being into my hands. To be willed; strong enough to trust me.
As a Dominant, I naturally hold my respect in high regard. There is little that can stimulate me enough to earn it. I have a profound level of respect for a woman who has enough sense about herself to not only discover, but embrace her true self – a submissive.

There is this organic beauty, one so deep it is indescribable when a woman has chosen to place her submission with me. To know that I will be part of her journey, that I will be one, if not many of the bricks along her path.
She has placed herself in my hands to break, mould, corrupt and taint, however I so choose. To travel willingly, eagerly into the deepest depths that I can fathom, with the utmost trust that I will cherish her along the way.
This person has provided me with the ability to push them. To push them both mentally and physically beyond any preconceived limits they may have had. To push them, lead them into unknown depths.
Being able to stand witness to their incredible ability to place their own fears aside and trust me with their entirety. To care for me to that degree. To provide me with a piece of themselves few get to hold or experience.
So, why do I value submission?
Value is described as the regard in which something is held to deserve. The importance, worth or usefulness of something.
I can find nothing more deserving or important than an individual of such strength. Nothing more worthy of my life or commitment.
Submission is a gift, one of magnitude that takes an incredible amount of strength.
For me, there is no value greater than this gift. The gift that allows me to feel whole as a human being; a gift only she can provide.

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