The rules

All over the web you can find rules for a little or a submissive, but i have had a hard time coming across a set of Daddy rules. Why is this? Daddies should have to be held accountable, the same as His girl is accountable to His rules. In my opinion, if you sign on to be a Daddy and be in control of a girl, you are signing up to be held to a higher standard. You are not only responsible for yourself, but also a doting little who idolizes you. Being a Daddy should not be taken lightly. You now have a lot of responsibility riding on your success of being a Daddy.

I decided to write out 10 Rules for a Daddy Dom as a starting point for the “standard” Daddy Dom’s should be held to.


  1. Be Patient – Every little makes mistakes. It is important in those moments to be patient and use those opportunities to teach them a lesson. Yelling and getting angry will only make her isolate, and cause her to think you are being mean and unfair. Also, once she realizes she messed up, she is feeling horrible on her own. She needs your compassion (and the lesson) so that the mistake will not be repeated.
    Discipline and punishment is needed for her to make her feel safe.
    But never give her punishment when she really needs good discipline.
  2. Be Successful – I am a Daddy Dom. I`ll allways try to give it my very best and to always be on top of my game. When i go to work every day, i`ll allways  put everything i have into it, allways trying to be the best i can be, setting a standard as  a role model , im very neat and structured and a good sense of purpose in everything i do !
    My everyday goal is to be the best that i can be.. .I  also strainging to be successful in other areas of my life, i never miss an  apointment , allways keeping my word.
    Working hard in everything that i`ll do will give me pride in myself and gain respect in life.
    Trust is earned, respect is given and loyalty is demonstrated.
  3. Be open to Learn – Nobody knows everything. There are always opportunities for growth in life. Being open to learning new things will make you grow as a person, a man, and a Daddy. There is so much information at your fingertips with today’s technology. And there is never an excuse to stop growing. within Your relationship and as a Man and Daddy.
    Read books and be proactive to always to learn and keep on growing.
  4. Be Responsible –  I  have employers counting on me. i have integrity to protect. Being a responsible man will make me a better Daddy, leader at work and respected man. I`ll do my best to make well, thought-out decisions. To always think before i act or speak. If  im commited to something,  i  follow through.  My focus is to remember to use my time wisely and make good choises in all i do.
    I`ll pay my bills and stay out of debt, allways takeing good care of my possessions. Stay faithful myself and never loose my purpose and focus in life. I`ll never give someone a reason to bad talk me, my actions speak louder than anything.
  5. Be Honest – All a person has in life is their word. I am honest when i speak, then you will be trusted and respected. nobody wants to be known as a liar.
    When you lie you lose trust. If you lose your girls’s trust, the foundation of your relationship is broken and rebuilding trust is one of the hardest tasks you will ever face in life. If  i mess up I`ll never make excuses, but allways show responsibility.
    One lie is worse than a 1000 mistakes.
  6.  Hold Yourself Accountable – In life it is easy to blame everyone but myself. The sign of a true man is the ability to take responsibility for my actions and fixing them. Especially in a DD/lg relationship. Me, as the Daddy, are held accountable to mistakes. If im the one to make decisions, and allow (or disallow) something to happen…it falls on Me.  If it is successful we share the credit.
    Good or bad, at the end of the day its always my responsibility.
  7. Be Clear – When i speak and give direction, i am allways very clear about my expectations.  If i am expecting a certain outcome,  i`ll say it.
    My little wants to be “good”. most likely she wants to make me proud of her. When i give clear directions, she has every chance to get it right. When things are not going the way i wanted, i`m always clear and distinct with the feedback to my little.
  8. Be Strong – As a Daddy i`ll have to dole out direction and discipline. If my girl disobeys, no matter how cute she is, she needs a punishment. I am her teacher, mentor and she relies on me to be the Daddy. I`ll need to be strong and set boundaries.
    The reason im strong , is so she can be safe.
  9. Take Your Role Seriously – Being a Daddy is serious business.
    DD/lg as a lifestyle, there are no breaks, I`ll not get lazy and slack off.
    My little is trusting me with her life and well-being. I`ll make the rules for her known and  at all times sticking to them.
    You both choose this lifestyle…. If she is saying she is scared, she is; never disappoint her by not caring !
    Im a Daddy, and nothing is bigger then this, this is reality.
    Being a Daddy is never a part-time job. Im a Dad, period. !
  10. Be Fun – The best part! have a fun time with Your little.  Laugh a lot with Your little . Go on outings and enjoy life. Have stuffie slumber parties and watch cartoons. Play games and develop a healthy relationship.
    Always remember how lucky we booth are to live out the Magic in life with the most amazing little princess.

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