The Colosseum

My love affair with the Colosseum began in 2011.
I was in awe with the city: its antiquity was strikingly evident in every corner and yet the vivacity of the Roman people was so in the here and now. And of the places in the Eternal City, I was most in awe of the Colosseum, which was the pinnacle of that trait of being so old yet so alive.  I remember my first time seeing it, left gawking at the colossal structure whose famous form was as familiar to me as any building in my hometown, but whose affect on me was something entirely new and magical.

The Colosseum continued to touch me during this time, powerfully drawing me into its mystery, and I would route my walks through Rome past this structure, pulled by a unsatisfied curiosity. I couldn’t get it off of my mind.

And how could one figure it out? The layers upon layers of history and stories of the people who laughed, cried, and died in that theater were far too thick for me to even begin to feel like I understood what this large stone mass in front of me was.
This building takes me back more then 2000 years after it was build, it takes me back so I can nearly taste the blood, feel the bravery of the gladiators,  and hear the crowds going wild in a frantic scenary.
I never feel more alive then when i look upon the Magic structure of this building.
It`s strange sometimes where the Vanilla-People most likely admire the building and structure I as a Dominant are sexualy aroused by this building.
The scene-floor is pulling me back when the sight was even more alive then it is today.
The stage was a fight for life or death, the pain and the screams from the gladiators and the victoms must have been breathtaking.
One the gates at the Colosseum is : ” The gate of Life” this is the gate where the Gladiators entered the arena, the oppusite gate just around 200 meters away is ” The gate of death”.
What separeted these gates is life it self.
… well all right. I admit it. I like causing pain. It arouses me. It arouses me when my sub can feel the pain i give here. I get pleasure when I see that talking of giving her pain arouses her. I love the connection of pain and arousal. I love searching for the connection between pain and pleasure. I love exploring all these things with my submissive woman and learning more about each other and our desires.
The sound of the whip when its touches her skin, the bare skin being marked and red, the endorphin Level thats increases in my girl, the moning from my girl, the twisting and jerking from the sexy body in front of me and the fight within myself controlling the monster inside of me 🙂

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