The spanking

When you hear “spanking”, you probably think of it in terms of punishment. Spankings can actually be more than that: punishment, funishment, and therapeutic. And while the act of spankings may be the same between punishment, funishment, and the therapeutic, they are actually quite different and give off a different atmosphere for the spankee.

When I as a DaddyDom gives a punishment spanking, you know for sure that it’s a punishment. There is no leeway or play to it. It’s not about making your bum red, but more about teaching a lesson and hoping that you won’t make the same mistake. I can say from experience, that my punishment spankings are hard, purposefull and firm.

I won’t go too much into a general punishment explanation because I’ll probably make another post to explain that. Punishment normally contains three parts to it: the lecture, the punishment, and the aftercare. Not everyone may engage in all three but I think each have importance. The punishment act without the lecture defeats the purpose because the sub won’t know what she did wrong. As a Daddy I allways explain to my girl what they did wrong and why it was wrong in my eyes. The punishment act, in this case spankings, should come after the lecture and should be to teach a lesson such as, “if  you do this, you will receive many spankings.” Remember to be strict but fair, that means that I calm down and think out the appropriate spanking amount based on the severity of the act. I  want to make a point but I do not want to come off as abusive or use fear as a tactic to make my girl obey. And lastly, the aftercare; I normally hear this after rough play sessions and how important it is and it’s not different during a punishment session. After my girl has been told what they did wrong and spanked, sometimes they could be shaken up from either the pain or feeling guilty. This is my time to explain to my girl that you love them but that what she did disappointed me. I should also remind them not to dwell on the issue and to let it go; the punishment was to make my girl realize what she did wrong, but now that it’s over, it’s time to let it go. Give Your sub cuddles and/or kisses. Let her know that everything’s okay now.

Funishment is different and it’s quit common  Depending how well my girl deals with pain, the amount and intensity varies; this is something that will be clearer over time. My funishment spankings are not strict, I don’t have to redo them if I don’t hit hard enough (but I will anyways)

“This supports recent research suggesting that spanking can be an effective tool in relieving anxiety and working with depression. This effect may be caused by the physical release of dopamine and endorphins into the system during and after a spanking.  These neurotransmitters stimulate the pleasure centers of our brains and can make my girl feel very happy and satisfied. “

With that being said, this certainly does not mean to spank my girl every time they’re stressed or upset about something. People deal with these things differently and sometime need time for themselves to destress. But the concept is like funishment but with aftercare.
In a way, it’s almost like letting my girl exchange the emotional pain for physical pain.

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