The dependency

BDSM takes the idea of dependency to another level. A fundamental premise of our relationship is the exchange of power. Unlike the traditional world, we establish a built-in dependency by invoking unequal power distribution. The scenario of the child is replicated in some manner.

I find this idea gets a bit more intensified when one goes further out on the power spectrum. submissives who choose to give total power and control over to another enter into the realm where they are completely dependent upon the Master/Owner. Of course, this will vary based upon the criteria that the Master/Owner establishes. Nevertheless, a submissive comes to rely upon her Master/Owner for everything. He is the provider for what she needs. While she might have a hand in the acquisition, all decisions are ultimately mine.

Naturally, most people are aware of this. Trust is something that is discussed quite often pertaining to BDSM. Over time, in a healthy relationship, the trust will grow. At the same time, I am a believer that the dependence will also take on deeper levels. The main goal is to develop the relasionship from wanting me to needing me. As you can see, the depth is seriously altered when one goes from want to need.

However, there is another side of the equation that few seem to mention. The focus is always upon the dependence of a submissive on a Master/Owner. Few take the time to consider the fact that a Master/Owner, as the relationship grows and strengthens, also comes to rely upon his slave. It is a two-sided equation. Of course, here is where we run into the barbaric egos of dominants who will swear up and down that they are independent.This shows their obtuse outlook because of the simple fact that Doms/Masters still suffer from the disease of being human. It cannot be altered no matter how much one tries. Therefore, in a healthy, developing relationship, one will come to depend upon the other person.

Micromanaging is not something that I enjoy, thus I operate from the place, this is your responsibility, I expect it attended to. And, fortunately, it usually is. Of course, that means that I have no idea where things are or how they are done. Under normal circumstances, she simply takes care of them.

This is altered when she is not here. Now, I am the fool who is stuck looking for things since I have no idea where anything is kept. The domestic duties back up since that is her department, one which I pay no mind. Things that I take for granted in my daily life are only that way because I depend upon her to do them. This is a simple example but one that shows how a Master/Owner becomes dependent upon a submissive to meet even his most basic needs.

My point is that dependence will occur naturally in a healthy, deepening relationship.
This is what happens when people focus upon growing and being stronger. It is a natural outcome.

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