The Scene

Some might think as a Dominant you need to scream and curse in order to get what you want. This is far from the case. Instead, you may want to think about the way in which you can be calm and controlling – without even saying a word.
I always say as a Dominant you have to be a role model in so many aspects of life for Your submissive.Anyways back to some usefull tips in how to conduct yourself as a responsible Dominant.

Use Your Voice

Your voice is one of your best assets as a Dominant. With the words you choose and the tone you use, you can create an air of civility, even as you spank your submissive for the hundredth time. Think about being graceful and calm, lowering your voice as you talk to your submissive. Not only does this cause them to be more subdued, but it also causes them to have to stop their own ranting in order to hear what you have to say. Studies have been shown that when you lower your voice, others around you will too.
This creates a calmness and common way of communication between me as a Dominant and my submissive.

Use Silence

Of course, you also can choose to say anything at all when you’re in a scene. Instead, you could choose to say nothing. This will have your submissive on edge, as they do not know what’s happening or what you’re thinking. You might choose to simply point to the things you want them to do and then wait for them to respond. This will also cause the submissive to work harder to please you, this will allso sharpen the submissives senses . In all this will create a more focused submissive who is training her senses.
As a Dominant this is accutaly on of the most important factors : Let her senses be sharpend.

Move Slowly

Time is always a factor in all aspects of life, but moving slowly and precisely when you’re in a scene. This might mean taking fewer steps and trying to be more deliberate in each thing you do. Whether this is choosing a sex toy or a whip, or you’re moving from one place to another, you should move with intention. Only move when you need to move and only move when you are trying to accomplish something. Again, when the submissive sees you do so, they will also try to simulate the way you move, which creates a thicker sensation of control and intensity between you both.


Be Calm

At all times, you need to be calm. If the submissiv is doing something that is causing you to feel as though you might be getting too excited or upset, you may want to walk away for a while to calm down. You never ever want to play when you are upset.  If you continue to notice that you are anxious or stressed in training scenes, you may want to seek out ways to reduce your overall stress levels. Or perhaps it is time to take a break because training your submissive should not make you feel anxious or stressed. Take some time to figure out what is causing these feelings and address them before stepping back into the scene.

The Dominant who is reserved and calm is not only able to control their submissive effectively, but they can even better Control the submissive .There is no need to raise your voice. You just need to slow down and remember that your submissive looks at what you do for guidance. If you want a calm, gracefully and elegant submissive, then a good way to teach a submissive is to lead by example.

While this may not be the only way to Dominant your submissive, it is a good way to keep in the back of your head.  Sometimes less is more even when Dominating your submissive.


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