The Dominant entitlement

There are far more men using the title “Dom”to hide their insecurity and provide them with a sense of Dominant entitlement, ultimately giving what they believe, an excuse to behave like an asshole. As well, there are far more men who enjoy “kink” or “kinky sex” and are using the title ‘Dom’ as an excuse to make women (submissives) feel obligated to entertain them .

Regardless of whether that be true or not, just because “Thomas” decided to wake up this morning and be a “Dom” doesn’t now mean that any and every single submissive woman he meets and takes a liking to, must now serve him.

Do I believe Dominants should be respected? Absolutely. It is perfectly appropriate behavior for a submissive to be respectful towards Dominants she comes in contact with. However, just because it is given initially, that doesn’t mean it is a license for a “Dom” to do whatever they please without consequence. It’s also not to be confused with servitude.

Respect may be given initially, but it is earned and maintained through mutualrespect, regardless of the title someone decides to place beside their name.

A submissive is a woman and a woman who is single owes a Dominant nothing. Her purpose is certainly not to entertain a man just because of his title.

As a Dominant, these are some of
the principles I follow

I want to know what she is made of. However, it is not for me to demand that she prove herself to me. This can only be given, submission is a choice, a free choice a woman makes… It is not claimed!

I value a certain level of modesty and class. There has to be more to her then a submissive.
I quess that dosen`t come as a surprise cos i think all you submissive women also look for more then just the title “Dom”.
What you stand for ?  What do you urge for ? Whats your passion ? Whats your story ?

Can be essential questions for me as a Dominant to know.

Dominant entitlement isn’t a right – it is earned and it is given freely.

However, I am a confident man, my Dominant ego is fully intact and great enough that I do not fear my submissive speaking to another man or  Dom. I do not fear they will see something better in another man and therefor leave me for another man.
If this happens it really was out of my control anyhow and at the end of the day the Control bit is always my respnsibillity.
As I always use to say All beauty is best shown outside of a Cage, but some also shine inside that Cage.

know my Dominance, I am secure in what I stand for and who I am.
This means that I do not fear being alone.
Fear is the opposite of safe and beeing in control….A “dom” that shows fear andis giving his submissive a hard time for his fear….He is NOT a true Dominant.
Here’s a little secret to the Dominants that may be reading this, if you’re insecure and have to force it… You won’t have much value to a submissive either. Your colors will eventually shine through.

The bottom line is this; submissive Ownership is given freely, not claimed and until that has been clearly given, Dominant entitlement does not exist.
This one of the most important sentences a Dominant ever should learn.

No matter how badly you may want them or how much it may hurt your insecurity that they don’t want you – you aren’t entitled to a damn thing.

Respect is earned and servitude is given… Freely.
When and to whom respect and servitude are given, is solely the decision of the submissive.

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