The spanking

Spanking is a reward for both the Dominant and the submissive.
Spanking is far from just hitting, because if it was so “easy” everybody could do it.
It is far from high-tech, but its all about experience and as a Dominant controlling the scene and the submissive.
Pain is strange in a way…its a motivator as well as it is a Chemical thing.
Now im am far from a chemist or a doctor but Google always comes for the rescue !
This is what i found about the Chemical part of BDSM:
There is a neurochemical that is held responsible for this. Called “the Love Hormone” by some, the hormone/neurotransmitter oxytocin is the culprit that causes the feeling of strong bonding to take place between lovers, parents and their children, close friends, and yes, between Dominants and Submissives! Whereas other neurochemicals play a strong role in other forms of play, such as endorphins, adrenaline/enkalphines, dopamine and seratonin to name a few, the bonding effect between Dominants and submissives can be directly tied to oxytocin. The almost religious devotion of the submissive—bringing on “floating” and an intense experience of oxytocin at work—and the heady experience of “Dom-space” come about through powerful amounts of oxytocin being present in their systems.

When the chemestry is all known let me take you back to the reward it is to spank Your submissive.
Spanking is always best if proper spanking etiquette is followed:

Strikes should be focused on the lower, meatier part of the bum-cheeks and upper thighs.
Follow thru on every strike.
Slap hard enough to leave a hand imprint or mark With whip or belt.
If you are using a Whip or a belt, vary the intensity on every strike.
Use Your voice to Control the submissive.
Be calm when you spank Your submissive.
Check on Your submissive frequently, not only in aftercare !
I personally has two favoritt positions when I spank my submissive ( OTK hand spanking or  the submissive chained to a bolt in the roof for whipping)
Find Your favorite it is Your task to also make that the favorite of Your submissive.
And dont forget:
You’ve got to have the perfect amount of room to get an arc with your good spanking arm, as well as enjoy the view !


Okey, now lets get to the fun part.
Now lets focus on some of the Tools I use for a good spanking

The Hand
The classic spanking tool, literally passed down through the generations. We’ve all got them and they’re practically made for spanking, as you can most accurately control the intensity of your blows.
A good hand spanking is bringing the submissive closer to me as it is all stripped Down.

The humble paddle is widely available in a number of materials like wood, metal or leather to vary the sensations, and offer a much more assertive slap then the hand. Don’t start a spanking session by going straight to the paddle; build up the tension with some hand slaps before moving on to this tool.

Whips and Floggers
There are as many varieties of whips in the world as there are bums for them to be slapped across, each offering a different type of sting. The length of the whip and they type and texture of the material it’s made with all play a part in the final experience you’ll have.

The Belt
Another classic, The leather belt leaves Instant marks on Your submissive and it is important that the belt is genuin leather.
The sound of spanking With a belt is priceless and the sound gets better the more intense you strike !

The good part about spanking is that you don`t need a “scene” to spank Your submissive, the hands and the belt is always available , exactly the same as the submissive bum is alwalys avalilable……..
Hey that`s not a coincidence is it ??



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