The good submissive

Just be Reading the headline some of you know that im bloging about a potensiale mine-field.
The easy answer to my headline is a women that is fully aware of who she is and what she need.
But if that was the only two answars this blog easily could end now.
Let me try to answer from a Dominant ( My persepective) on whats is a good submissive.

Many things contribute to being a good submissive and it is a personal evolution that occurs within each submissive. How far a person gets into the submissive role is a choice only she can make but often this journey needs the steady hand of a Dominant. Finding the right person to help make that journey can really complete the road for a submissive and equally be all bad if the wrong person is trying to teach a submisives different roles. There are certain characteristics that are found in many successful submissives.

Evry Dominant prefers to be served in a different way dependent on their personal style and needs. A submissive engaged in a D/s relationship should be sensitive to the needs of their Dominant and take the time to explore those needs and preferences.
Knowledge is everything and this is where a lot of submissives fail..
They dont explore their Dominant and they fail to learn.

A good submissive should be self aware. she should be able to accept and admit their faults as well as their strengths and be honest about their limitations. The ability to communicate effectively also plays a huge role in the success of a submissive; the communication does not always need to be verbal. Your ability to express your desires as well as your struggles will help you build a closer bond with me as a Dominant and create a more satisfying play experience.

A common mistake many newbie submissives make is to present themselves as to arrogante.
“i don`t need you attitude” is a no-go strategy with many Dominants ans me as well.
Arrogance is unattractive in many situations and is a sexual turn-off for me as a  Dominant. It is important to know what your limits are and be honest if you do not know. Submissives who present themselves as having no limits at all can be a red flag and also is a sign of  no experience or BDSM knowledge.

A submissive should be suitable in personality and attitude for me as a Dominant. Ultimately the most important characteristics of a successful submissive are the characteristics valued by the Dominant of the relationship. As a submissive, she should be aibel to lean towards me as a Dominant, never just because I said so, but because it is just what you need ( the none verbal communication)
For those only engaging casual play scenes where the BDSM relationship is not as serious or committed it will always be much harder to succeed as a good submissive, because playing is far from the same as living !
And of course makes it even harder for me as a Dominant to say if you are a good submissive for the same reasons.
To sum this all up….
The good submissive is strong, self aware, she explores her Dominant, she is humble and honest, she is good in communication ( verbal and non-verbal) she gives feedback and……………….

She knows that her submissiveness is a gift and the fuel for the Good Dominant.


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