The sadist

Hello and welcome, pleased to meet you I’m a sadist.

Sounds scary doesn’t it,
The word rolls off the tongue in a delectably evil way doesn’t it

I suppose if you know nothing about sadists that it can seem quite scary. Let’s face it the Marquis de Sade is one of the most well know sadists in history and from the tales that be told he could seem pretty scary.

Well let’s see…what makes me a sadist.

I suppose it is the fact that I love love love to give spankings. Not only that but I also adore giving a good flogging, then there are the whips, the paddles, a hard belt spanking, real over the knee spanking,face slaps, total breath Control… . Oh but I can’t leave out a scene where the beast is in total beast mode.Where evry stroke is felt good by my submissive.

For most when the word “sadist” is all bad,  it might well bring about the image of someone dressed all in black or even black leather with a menacing scowl on their face that looks like it could melt the paint off the walls. While that may be true in the proper setting it isn’t the case in day to day life.

I like to think I’m a good Man. With my submissive I always look after her, always letting her know my Dominant presence, but many would say I am the  perfect gentleman. I open doors for her, I hold her hand when we’re walking, when we are in a vanilla setting I do my best to make her feel her absolutly best. Most of all I make sure she is taken care of.

I do my part at work, I am a honest and are clear and concise at all times with my team. I admit when I am wrong and take criticism as an opportunity for Groth and a foucus in mind that a team always beats the individuals.
But I am always aware of my “dark” side, and I think being aware of this side makes it even easier to personaly Accept how I really am.
See I’m a sadist, not your sadist or anyone else for that matter  I don’t just walk up to  someone and start spanking them. I don’t break out a whip and start whipping some unsuspecting person into submission.While I am a sadist and I revel in letting that part of me out to play when I can that is not the sum total of who I am.

I only hurt the ones I Love , as Madonna put it ! 

You see I am not extraordinary…….

Im just a Man who knows I`m a Sadist, Gentleman, Daddy and Man.
Complicated ? No not at all
And maybe suddenly the “scary” word sadist didn`t seem scary at all !

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