A Total Power Exchange means that you have given up complete control to another person.

Along with this control you have also surrendered all of your rights as a person. The submissive is truly considered the other persons property.
Just Reading these first sentences some might think this is just totaly crazy and not a good relationship in any aspect.
Welcome to the world of BDSM, where we do it just a little bit better then the Vanillas !
The mindset and the Things most of us is brought up to learn is that a good relationship is build on a common understanding , communication and respect for one another.
If you already know that i don`t need to tell you that this Three pillars is all about what a good BDSM relationship is.
One of the most difficult Things about BDSM is to communicate to another person what you really meen when you say Things like :Power Exchange, His property, rules and rules and regulations , daddy and I could og on and on……
But the fantastic aspect of a true and good BDSM relastionship is that none of theese Words even bother us at all..contuary they turn us on !

So lets og back to TPE

You are not just the Dominant’s submissive any longer, you are now the Dominant’s property, consensual owned by a Dominant. This type of commitment requires absolute and unconditional surrender and the higest form of trust you ever would give another person, I would og so far to Call it REAL LOVE in the best meaning of the Word Love.
I don`t like micro managment, but i love to see that my girl has given me the trust to take all the responsibility.
I dont need to decide what she eats for breakfast, but I decide what she is wearing on a date night.
I dont need to decide when she has to go to the toilet, but i decide when she needs a lot of attention and cuddels.
I dont need to decide when she goes to bed, but i decide that she gets enough sleep during the night.
To you see the Picture….I decide, but I dont decide Things she easily are doin by herself.
The big difference from TPE as I see it and just stupid Things to Control.
My job is to see to it that even that she is my property she makes her own decisions.

Because it is a potensial danger in my mind if all of the decisions is mine as a Dominante to take, she will be lost in herself…..That is the worst outcome of a TPE and I as a Owner always be aware of the signs if that should happen, then its time to ease up on the TPE.

The submissives limits are not set by her in a TPE dynamic, rather they are set by my as her Dominant. Think about that for a minute.  A submissive has no limits.  Her limits are whatever her Dominant desires.  I has total control over her.  She doesn’t have the luxury to set her own hard and soft limits, her limits are set by me.
Do you see the responsibillity I as a Dominante has in this situasion and what gift and trust she has given to me ?
This is the highest proof of real Love I ever can imagine !

In a true TPE relationship my submissive has given up or “exchanged” her rights. These surrendered rights are exchanged for the protection and care from me.

I do not have a Total Power Exchange relationship. my girl is not my slave but rather my property. I protect her, I care for her and I give her guidens as her Dominant.
I do not own her and her submission, I am continually working toward and earning her submission every day.

Power Exchange Circle

Our power exchange would best be described by the Power Exchange Circle, D/s Circle, that she and I have created in order to articulate our exchange.  she has chosen me to be the leader of our relationship and has gifted her submission to me and in turn I offer her my Dominance.  By doing this we continue to feed one another’s mind, body and soul.

I have the responsibilty to guide and use her as I please, I have the right to take all the decisions on behalf of the booth of us, I have the Power to tell her exactly what to do, I have the role of guiding her and let her learn more about herself then she would ever think was possible…….
All because she has given me the responsibility of a total Power Exchange.

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