The gift

There is a lot of blogs of the gift of submission, and yes it is a truly gift given to a Dominant when submission  is real and genuin.
The truth of the matter is that there is nothing that provides me more joy then the gift of a submission. No gift do I cherish and respect more then this biggest gift I can recive.
When I feel the responsibility, when I give trust, when I do make a difference and when I know I am devoloping my submissive.
There are few blogs about the gift of a Dominant, strange really because I personaly do  mean that there is no diffence in giving Domiantion to the submissive who really deserve it.
Hell I even say that giving Dominantion is the biggest gift I can give.
I don`t give it away, I choose who I mean is worthy my Domination, and yes you are correct that I as a Dominant can`t give anything before a submissive is concent, trust me With her submisson and the fundation is being built.
But still:

Domination is a gift, the greatest gift I can give another person.

There is more to being a Dominant than wearing a title, carrying a whip, giving orders or dressing the part.
Domination is a skill which, much like any other skill, it can be taught or learnt, and grown and nurtured through immersion in the D/s relationship. But just like any other skill or ability, how well one succeeds comes down to how willing and receptive one is to learning or being taught and how much you give as a Domiant. – and how well I am talent and temperament are suited to taking on my Dominant responsibility.

So what is a Dominant?
Well I can just talk for my self offcourse , but as a Dominant I have to have a set of core values and  I have to possesses as everybody a set of qualities as :openness,consideration, politeness, protection ,guidance,caring and I as a Dominant,  has a strong sense of ethics and honesty and is respectful.
It is these qualities, more than anything else, that define a person’s character and personality, and are the essential skills that determine how good I as a person is liable to be in anything – be it my career, my home life – or being a Dominant.
It takes a lot to be a Dominant, and it takes more than a whip, a uniform and a pair of boots.

As I mentioned above, that art of domination is very much a skill, and as a Dominant I need to show a willingness to learn, to grow and to understand; I am on a journey as much as a submissive can say she is on a journey. In life, we often take the time to attend seminars and workshops; I  read , I listen and I learn….what I really does is . I have taken the time and effort to learn and grow.
Here is the difference in being a Domiant, Not just giving orders or giving away dominance to those who really not deserve it.
So what is domineering. Sadly, as is often the case in real life, there are those who mistake a domineering mien as a key element of being seen as a “Dominant”. Their attitude is brash and rude, their tone frequently crass and their treatment of submissives is generally negative and oppressive. Where the Dominant will demonstrate respect, understanding and self-control the domineering individual will demand that they are given respect, will show a lack of understanding of basic D/s precepts and exhibit a lack of self-discipline, resorting to inappropriate actions and / or threats towards submissives.
I as a  Dominant exercises control not by being overbearing or through the use of threats or by belittling another, but  I rather are working on a more subtle level, influencing thoughts, desires, needs and hopes – and through the simple expedient of showing I care. As a  Dominant i am both authoritarian, powerfull and have a lot of responsibility.
I as a  Dominant takes responsibility for the submissive in my life. Yes,a real submissive  are controlled and dominated – but I as a  Dominant remains clear of my vision for my submisisve and working with goals to match my submissive needs, in understanding that for any submissive to give their best, she must be secure and confident in her submission.
I as a Domiant will listen to my submissive and learn about her and her needs and her wish to develop in any aspect of life.
This knowledge is used, and returned to the relationships remains my prerogative as a  Dominant; but if the Communications or the trust is not there ( or it disappers), then things are already starting to stray towards rocky ground. All relationships mature and change over time, and healthy D/s relationships are no different.It is important that the channels of communication and the honesty are once opened, they need to be maintained and renewed throughout the relationship, this is the big responsibility that lies on my shoulders as a Domiant, this is as I see it the core of being a Domiant.
Thats why trust, honesty and communication is the fuel for a good D/s relationship.
I as a Dominant is always seeking to ensure such communications are open and honest – and also seeking to avoid unnecessary arguments and disagreements; instead working to arbitrate situations working on solutions and always have in mind that I as a Domiant are always responsible for the outcome in any given situation.
This is the gift as I see it of real Dominance.
The greatest gift I ever can give.

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  1. I love this. So few posts on the gift of Dominance are ever seen. For me I have only ever had one Dominant who has earned my submission, but he has gifted me so much more than I could ever have imagined. You can’t have one without the other, a symbiotic relationship.


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