The man I am and the things I know

  • I love and care for my submissive . Submission is a gift freely given and as a caring dominant leadership is the loving return of that gift.
  • I must first win a submissives heart by earning her trust through honor, truthfulness, trustworthiness and respect.
  • I respect the power that’s earned and given within their consensual Power Exchange.
  • I always seek to be in control of myself first before they can exercise guidance and accountability over anyone.
  • I understand the differences within the progression of discipline and the gap between guidance and force.
  • I never raise a hand in anger.
  • I show guidance that is worth following and an ever growing knowledge that is deserving of my submissives attention.
  • I understand that the worst punishment for a submissive comes in the form of my displeasure or disappointment and will never use that knowledge as an advantage, discipline or punishment.
  • I understand a persons emotions and mind are both beautiful and fragile, and I am dedicated and patient . Patience is not only a virtue in this area… It is imperative to a strong BDSM relationship.
  • I know communication is one of the most important aspects of my relationship and the core of communication is always listen.
  • I take the time and effort to know my submissive mind, body and needs and strive to know my submissive in all aspects of her personality.
  • I Know trust grows, so will the closeness of the relationship.
  • I am courageous enough to accept assistance. Open minded enough to learn new things. Knowledgeable enough to know that there is always more to learn.
  • Some of my most important tools are my mind, patience, communication, honor and love.
  • I know Im not perfect and will make mistakes and I am wise enough to admit them to move forward.
  • I understand that some of my greatest strength comes from being compassionate, consistent and fair.
  • I know that my words is my bond and I will be consistent and follow through.

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  1. This is a wonderful philosophy and I wish all Doms/Daddy’s/etc would take these concepts to heart. All Subs can learn so much about their Dom when knowing these deeper things about them. #itisnotagame. Thank you for your posts. I enjoy, learn and they give me much to think about.


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