The ten commandments as a Daddy

1.Daddy knows best. His word is law. When Daddy says jump, you say “How high, Daddy?” If you disobey his commands, you will be punished as he sees fit.

2.Daddy wants his little to be happy. If you have questions or concerns about anything, you will discuss them with Daddy. If, for any reason, you really cannot obey Daddy’s commands, Daddy will help you to manage.

3.Daddy wants his little to look pretty. This means that you should be clean, well-groomed, and prettily-dressed at all times. You will describe your outfit for the day for Daddy’s approval. My little is my treasure and princess.

4.Daddy owns your body. In particular, I treasures you,  You will keep Daddys pussy clean and shaved or waxed for him at all times. When Daddy commands you to play with it, you will do so. If you are not able to do so immediately, you will do so at the first opportunity.

5.Daddy owns your orgasms. You are permitted to masturbate to orgasm once a day for your health. If you wish to achieve orgasm more than once on any day, you will ask Daddy’s permission first. When playing with Daddy, you will not cum without his explicit permission, whether or not you have had your orgasm for that day.

6.You will go to bed early enough for you to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. If you are having trouble sleeping, you will call Daddy immediately.
Daddy wants his little to be fit and have a good night sleep.

7. Daddy will give you a weekly alIowance, evry saturday Daddy will give his little hers allowance to by some candy or maybe som icecream.You can spend the allowance just as you like because Daddy wants to see his little happy and content.

8. My little will have rules, rules are made for my littles own protection and growth.
if my little disobey any of these rules, you will inform Daddy at the first opportunity. Daddy will punish you as he sees fit.

9.From time to time, Daddy will set you tasks. You may negotiate these tasks with Daddy at the time they are set and raise any concerns. However, if you fail to complete a task in a timely fashion once it has been negotiated, you will be punished unless you failed to complete it due to unexpected circumstances beyond your control. If you feel that you will be unable to complete a task for any reason, you will inform Daddy as soon as you are able.

10. Being a Daddy is the greatest thing ever and it should be a lot of fun, giggels , laughter and I as a Daddy is allways my littles safe haven.
As my little you will allways be a priorty and there is no relationship stronger then between a Daddy and his little.



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