The story

I was, for a long time, in a loving and intimate Daddy/lg relationship with a woman who identified as a my little. For me, the best thing about it was that she was only ever at her happiest when she was with me. I could bring that out in her and I know it is because of the implicit trust she placed in my hands. I placed that trust back and for many years it worked well. We parted ways due to work, I received a promotion and was offered a new position in another part of the country.
As an unattached Daddy, it can be difficult to have my desires met, so I have taken my time offcourse datet / meet some submissives and slaves and also littles, but the real me cant be hold back.
The core of beeing a Daddy is what defines me as a Man.
I work within a series of rewards, rules, disciplines, and consequences with the mind set of my girl considered.
I am a protector and will keep their my girl out of trouble.  I am a provider and provide the oversight of my girl.
I like to see my girl devlop and grow more into her role as my girl, Im not a Daddy for play.
I Penelize for a reasson and always for my girl to understand why she is beeing penelized.
I do belive rules and structure is important in my life as a Daddy but essential for my girl, therefor I have rules and structure not for my pleasure , but I know my girl need those rules and structure to feel loved and safe.

In my future Little, I am hoping to find someone who has experienced this dynamic before, or at least had a mentor or protector who will have explained the majority of the lifestyle to her. As each relationship is different I will create our own dynamic, and she will most definitely have a say because a good Daddy is always available and have time to listen to my girl.
I want her to be a woman in mind but a Little in heart, someone who knows what she wants, but is able to place her life in my hands for the true experience of being my girl.
I want a Little Girl who is truly Little, I am not one for Middles or Brats. I want a Little who will play with toys and like watching Disney Movies With her Daddy.
I want a girl who see the enjoyment of beeing read to, and loves cuddeling With her Daddy.
I want my girl to be needy in a good way, a girl who lives for the attention I as a Daddy gives her.
I want my girl to always do her best to be a good girl and make her Daddy proud.
I could continue With my wishes all day long, but the most important I need is the relationship beyond play, the real deep connection between my girl and her Daddy.

To me, this entire dynamic is built on a foundation of absolute trust, honesty and love. Obviously love grows, but the trust and honesty needs to be there from the first point of contact. I have had a few BDSM relationships, from Owner-submissive to Master-Slave, but DaddyDom-LittleGirl is by far the one that I most connect with, the one in which I feel best and the one that I know makes my partner feel most cared for.


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