The Experience

Knowledge is Power, experiences is what you do With Your knowledge. But how is this combined in BDSM? Knowledge and experience, what is most important to me.

For me, a submissive’s experience level with BDSM and submission is almost always irrelevant. Honestly, I generally prefer a submissive with less experience than one who may be more ‘a finsihed sub”. There’s a good reason for this, which I will get to in a moment.
I’m obviously posed the question; Does Experience Matter? often by submissives. Probably due to my extensive experience with being a Dominant and the intimidation that can often come with that to a submissive who may not have the same level of experience or, who is new to the lifestyle. Which is fine, as I am never looking for most but rather, the few.
So, why do I often prefer a submissive with less experience? The answer to this is quite simple – their ability to be molded.
Through my exchanges, I have come to find that an experienced submissive has generally developed habits and/or interests that are based upon and reflect their previous Dominants. Obviously, these are not my interests or habits, thus I do not have a desire to break or correct the habits imposed by another.
To engage with a submissive who holds less experience allows for me to possess a greater ability to lead them where I wish for them to be and not where someone else has led and left them.
It goes like this, I prefer for a submissive to be a blank canvas. Someone who is aware of their desire to serve, yet, they haven’t been molded into someone else’s vision and for the intimidation of my experience to be a catalyst in furthering my Dominance, control, and power over them.
It’s never about what she’s actually done, but what she’s willing to do. Her ability to submit how I desire.
Does experience matter? To me, no. However, that goes without saying that there are certain instances which I feel experience does matter or it may be important to evaluate.
For instance, if a submissive holds far greater experience over a Dominant, what will tend to happen is the submissive will end up ‘Topping From The Bottom’ which can ultimately undermine the entire purpose of a D/s relationship.
Also, a Dominant with less experience may run a greater risk of abusing His authority and role. He may also leave a submissive wanting and yearning for more. In this case, it may be wise for the Dominant to stick with a submissive of equal experience so that they may explore together at the same pace.
Likewise, a submissive should evaluate what levels of control they require from me as a Dominant as with experience, generally comes confidence – My Dominant confidence is my ability to lead her to submission and make her what I desires her to be.
Ultimately, as all things, it is a matter of preference and requirement. I require to start from square one, I seek her that I can develop how , I seek her that knows or at least belive that a 24/7 relationship will make her stonger and make her more hole.
I do not want a submissive that is over her developing fase.

Boundaries is a part of devolping and molding my submissive therefor I say that expirience is not that important thing I seek in a submissive, but still I always know that if she has expirence in beeing owned many Things has been tought her that makes the dynamic apear stronger and also often faster.

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  1. Becareful how you word that because both a sub and a dom need each others respect and understanding if u attract those that cannot challenge potentially you could be considered as too over bearing or worse never play dom with women who lack understanding because you could be putting your life in a dangerous position all because of ego


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