Welcome to my world !
I live in Oslo, Norway

I am a Strong, educated, charming and well spoken Man.
Working as an IT-Manager, have been a leader for more then 10 years.

With my professional exprience i know how to create good results.
I have good, solid and secure economy, is very neat and structured and a good sense of purpose in everything i do !

I am tall, self-confident, funny, adventurous, Dominant and a Alpha male. I am very strong willed , purposeful and been a part of the lifestyle for over 20 years.
I’m always interested in talking to new people, making friends and hopefull that my girl is out there .

“Love …is not enough. It’s something deeper, stronger, and harder, almost painful. Something I want to keep inside of me forever, but at the same time throw it away because I know having it so deep and feeling it so strong can only be detrimental for me. I have others to think about. I have a different kind of priority.”

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